How to configure Eclipse to work with INRIA Gforge?

How to configure Eclipse to work with INRIA Gforge?


You can download Eclipse at


SSH management

This section will show you how to manage your ssh connection with Eclipse by using an existing key or by creating a new one.

First, go to the Window/Preferences menu.

Here, browse the preferences tree : General/Network Connections/SSH2.

Here, you can specify an already existing SSH2 key (must be OpenSSH compliant) or create a new key by clicking on the tab Key Management.

WARNING : To avoid problems, a useful workaround is to restart Eclipse after SSH configuration if you change the SSH Home path.

Here, you have to generate a RSA key.

Then :

  • add a comment (ex: user@host, inria-gforge-key)
  • choose a lengthy passphrase in the Passphrase field and confirm it in the Confirm passphrase field.

With your mouse, select the content of the box labeled Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file, copy it (that is, hit Control-C).

Click on the Save private key button to save your private key in a file.



Update your gforge account

Paste your public key in the gforge website. To do this, you need to go to your account and then go to the Account maintainance tab. At the bottom of the Account maintainance tab, you should see a Shell Account Information section which contains an [Edit keys] link. Paste (that is, hit control-V) your public key(s) in the empty field below and click the Update button.


A common problem is that the Shell Account Information field does not appear in your account page. This usually happens because you do not belong to any gforge project. To correct this problem, either create your own project first or request the project admin of the project you want to join to add you to the list of the project's contributors.

Please, be aware that uploading your ssh public key on the server will not allow you to connect to the server immediately through ssh. To do so, you will need to wait at most 24h. If your connection is impossible 24h later, please, contact the server administrators.


Creating your Eclipse SVN project

Install the subclipse plugin

Follow the subclipse documentation.

See for more details.

Using subclipse

Follow the Quick start guide.


In case of problems, mail the administrators or file a bug.

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